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What differentiates FW’s Medicare Group from our competitors is our mastery of the relevant compliance law and our end-to-end approach to Medicare claims and issues. Our compliance team brings a collective thirty-plus years of “in-the-trenches” litigation experience. We have handled thousands of complex and traumatic injury cases in state and federal courts around the country. Therefore, every claim involving a compliance issue is analyzed through the prism of applicable compliance regulations and the strategic considerations of the litigation as a whole. 

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Risk Analytics

We turn the odds in our favor.


We do the detective work.

Understanding the numbers

We understand the subtle fines and liens.


We resolve debts, liens and minimize exposure.

Lori Wirkus Leads the Medicare compliance team

Lori Wirkus

Lori has become known for her innovative, funny, and enlightening presentations.

She doesn't just regurgitate case law updates but focuses on changing behavior and thinking strategically about MSP compliance issues.

Lori consults on both standard and complex Medicare compliance matters with insurance carriers, businesses, and law firms around the country. As an experienced litigator, she has more than 20 years of experience handling everything from the classic slip and fall cases to multi-fatality/catastrophic injury claims. Accordingly, she is not looking at Medicare issues in a vacuum but rather as a piece in a much larger litigation puzzle.

Our Administrative and Paralegal Team

Joanne Greene – Legal Billing Manager

Sharon McCarthy – Legal Nurse Consultant

Michaela N. Bassett – Paralegal

Aodhan J. Dunn – Paralegal

Natasha E. Robertson – Paralegal

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Value Added Services we provide

Help Desk

Any Medicare, MSP, or other related compliance issues will receive an answer to their inquiry within 24 hours. We will also provide a quarterly newsletter with any relevant case law issues, developments, or trends.  

Auditing of internal Section 111 compliance protocol: 

This work includes an in-depth review of a claim’s reporting history, routine staff training to implement a new or existing Section 111 compliance protocol; legal case analysis; and a detailed review of settlement contacts, agent contracts, and release and settlement agreements.

Lien Resolution: 

We monitor the MSPRP portal to determine what, if any, conditional payments need to be resolved in every claim. Likewise, we have successfully negotiated thousands of liens from medical providers and collection agencies alike, saving our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Medicare Set-Asides (“MSAs” ):  

Our team handles MSA analyses in-house and partners with industry-leading vendors around the country. 

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While a large portion of our work deals with Medicare Secondary Payer Reporting and Recovery, we are a dynamic business that can provide various legal and consulting services to insurers and businesses alike.


Flynn|Wirkus has built a reputation for providing exceptional civil litigation services to individuals and business clients in heavily regulated industries.


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