Specializing In Complex Litigation

There is no question that the transportation industry is vital to everyone, and, as such, is a complex and highly regulated market. It’s also one that we know inside and out, giving us the edge as we handle transportation liability claims from immediate post-accident investigation through verdict and appeal, employment practice issues, including FRSA/OSHA Whistleblower guidance and representation, and the prosecution of third-party indemnification and subrogation claims.

Our attorneys have, since 1992, served the railroad industry – Class I’s, holding companies, short line and regional railroads, terminal railroads, passenger railroads, and insurance companies – defending and winning countless cases. Along the way, we have extensively educated ourselves about the railroads that we serve and have even participated in their safety and operational training programs. We stay on top of railroad and transportation law and regulation developments to ensure our clients continue to receive best-in-class representation.

We also serve trucking and other logistics companies, providing defense of personal injury claims arising from intermodal operations, transloading procedures, equipment failures, construction site accidents and terminal/facility management.

Our experience in these areas, especially representing passenger railroads, particularly qualifies us to represent other passenger carriers such as bus companies, commuter transit operators, chauffeur and limousine services, livery services, and taxi cab companies.

Many of our cases involve complex factual scenarios, legal issues and catastrophic injuries, including wrongful death and punitive damages. Our cases also involve the analysis, interpretation and application of various contractual, statutory and regulatory requirements.

Our experience representing railroads, especially in FELA claims, has uniquely positioned the firm to also offer its services to maritime companies.

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