Trustworthy Counsel When You Need it Most

Over the years we have represented numerous victims of workplace accidents, catastrophic injuries, discrimination, consumer fraud, medical malpractice, product failures and defects, motor vehicle accidents, and construction site accidents.

For our individual clients we employ the same relentless and aggressive approach that we do with the Fortune 500 companies that we also represent. We put our passion to work in all aspects of your representation to provide the excellent results you deserve.  In fact, our experience defending cases provides perspective and understanding that simply cannot be leveraged by attorneys who only represent one side or the other. We will fight for your rights, keep you informed, and provide you the personal representation that your trust in us deserves.

Our experience, approach, and consistent use of empowering technology allows us to provide for our individual clients a “big firm” impact while still maintaining a “small firm” feel and all the individual attention that suggests.

Our results speak for themselves:

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