Your Rights as a Fisherman Under the Jones Act

June 18, 2020

Are you a commercial fisherman who is experiencing pain in the lower back, wrists, elbows, shoulders  hips or knees? If so, you may be entitled to recover damages for being forced to work, over time, in ergonomically dangerous and unsafe conditions.

Although your condition and the pain you are experiencing may be related to arthritis, and therefore attributed to the aging process, the Jones Act – a statute passed by Congress more than one hundred years ago specifically to protect the health and safety of the fishermen – allows you to recover even when the vessel owners negligence and/or unsafe workplace caused, in whole or even in part, not only the condition from which you may be suffering, but also the acceleration, exacerbation and/or worsening of the  conditions of the condition compared to how it might have developed if you had not been exposed to such a dangerous workplace.

If you feel like you have been injured at least in part due to the dangerous working conditions on the vessels that you serviced, please do not hesitate to contact us.