What Does the New Administration Mean for the Jones Act

November 17, 2020

The transition from one White House administration to another post election, including one  where the party also transitions, is often a time of  uncertainty. This can be more evident when an administration spends only four years in office instead of the the historic goal of eight. Questions surrounding whether positive inroads made will remain intact or be disassembled arise, as well as whether new goals will take focus to the detriment of others.

A recent article from WorkBoat suggests that there may be no cause for concern in the maritime industry in terms of issues related to the Jones Act, Covid-19 aid and other related policies. While climate change and the environment may indeed come into sharp focus related to issues surrounding climate friendly fuels and “green shipping”, this remains to be seen as the country awaits the results of the Senate elections.

As Pamela Glass, the Washington, D.C., correspondent for WorkBoat and author of the article states -  “The industry will likely continue to have the bipartisan support that it has enjoyed over the years in Washington, since action on maritime policy and fiscal priorities do not generally fall along party lines.”

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