So Many Losses: Promoting Mental Health Support for Commercial Fishermen

March 26, 2021

From  the dangers of the sea, to the backbreaking work and  ever-changing climate and regulations, to the devastating loss of family and friends, the job of a commercial fisherman takes it’s toll on all who ply their trade in this line of work.  All too often the fear of the physical demands of the job are secondary to the fear and anxiety of an industry that leaves many fisherman in such financial uncertainty. There is evidence that change is coming to address these issues, albeit slowly, and many in the fishing communities themselves are leading the charge.

Recently Hakai Magazine wrote an article entitled – “Mental Health and the Modern Fisherman”  – that discusses these under-reported concerns that have burdened the minds and hearts of fisherman everywhere.

As a member of the fishing community who is working for change, and was interviewed for this article, put it -  “Fishermen, just like everybody else, deserve happiness and a good life,” she says. “If they’re feeling weighed down for other reasons, then we need to find the support for them to be healthy.”

Please take a few minutes to read the full article here.