Remote Notary Services in MA to Accommodate Social Distancing

May 5, 2020

In this new age of social distancing, working from home and videoconferencing, many of us are left wondering how we are going to get our important documents witnessed or notarized.

Well there’s good news.  Massachusetts has passed an emergency bill (known as S. 2882) allowing remote notarization of the vast array of legal documents be completed via video-conference.

The emergency bills proposes several easy steps to facilitate the remote notarization process:

  • The individual (i.e. signatory, witness) and the notary must physically be located in MA
  • The individual shows proof of his/or her identification (i.e. MA driver’s license, passport) to the notary prior to signing
  • Upon the notary’s review of the identification presented, the individual signs the document(s)
  • The individual is responsible for delivering the original document(s) (i.e. courier, overnight mail), including a copy of his/her identification, to the notary. The parties shall agree, prior to signing, the most effective way to deliver the originals to the notary
  • Upon receipt of the original document(s), the notary and individual will have a second video-conference to confirm the individual’s identity and notarize the document(s)

Additional steps confirming the authenticity of the remote notarization process will be completed by the supervising attorney by the signing of an affidavit including:

  • The individual’s identification was authenticated
  • The recording of the video conference was obtained and will be kept for ten years
  • The individual was present within the Commonwealth at the time of signing
  • That the individual(s) present for the signing where made aware of the relationship between the individual(s) and notary

When the above criteria has been met, the notarized document(s) will be acknowledged as if it were signed and notarized in person.

At FWY we are here to help make the process easier for you.  Please contact us today if you are in need a notary!