In Support of Fishermen: The Crucial Role of Wives in Fishing Communities

March 11, 2021

In discussions of all the hardships and hard work fishermen face, the determination of their wives – who stay onshore and get a myriad of equally important work done in support of the fishing community – largely goes unnoticed. This appears to be true both in terms of a lack of recognition for the day-to-day organizing and planning they provide, as well as in the policies that are enacted to support fishermen.

Change has certainly been coming and many wives have long begun organizing. In Massachusetts, the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association (GFWA) is just one example of their show of strength.  As a non-profit organization promoting the New England fishing industry, they help to preserve the Atlantic Ocean as a food supply for the world, and assist active and retired fishermen and their families to live better lives.

For more details about the impact wives play in their fishing community, check out this illuminating article in The Guardian entitled, “Fishermen’s wives: how unsung efforts keep a way of life afloat”.