FWY Prevails in Motion for Sanctions In Favor of Fisherman

April 19, 2019

Standing up for our clients’ rights.  That’s what we do here at FWY.  Often times our clients are injured due to the carelessness of their employers or other unsafe workplace activities.  Our clients are also frequently subject to workplace discrimination and retaliation simply because they were injured through no fault of their own.  Bringing these wrongdoers to justice is central to our mission.  Sometimes, to make matters even worse, the attorneys hired by the defendants in our cases employ unscrupulous litigation tactics to try to make the situation even more unfair.  It is paramount to what we do to step in and prevent this from happening by leveraging all of the protections that the law provides.

Recently our firm prevailed in a motion for sanctions we were forced to pursue against these types of unscrupulous defense tactics.  The situation involved a vessel owner who withheld crucial documentation in violation of procedural rules and then tried to sandbag our client at his deposition by springing the documents on him without his prior knowledge.  Our attorneys immediately shut down the deposition and sought the intervention of the court who agreed with us that this type of conduct was sanctionable and issued an order awarding equitable relief as well as a monetary penalty.

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