Full Limits of $1 Million Policy for Passenger Who Survived Motor Vehicle Crash

March 31, 2021

FWY’s client, a 24-year old resident of Scituate, MA, was a late night passenger in a hired vehicle. On the way to dropping the client off at his house, the driver blew through a stop sign at an intersection with a major thoroughfare, and ran into the side of a garbage truck which was being operated lawfully through the intersection. The client’s right leg was fractured in several places, most notably his tibia, fibula, and femur.

He was hospitalized for several weeks and then was forced to undergo a series of surgeries including fixation of the broken bones, skin grafting, wound debridements, and several periods of agonizing physical therapy. Now left with gruesome scars and a permanent limp, the client will never be capable of working in the types of physically demanding jobs for which he had been otherwise qualified.

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