Boat to Table a New Option for Fisherman During Time of Covid

April 29, 2020

As I walk the docks of New Bedford, MA, as I have for the last 35 years, at first glance it’s an eerie silence. A majority of the vessels, scalloper’s, draggers, clammer’s , lobster, sit idle. Yet not far from Pier III and the Cement dock sits a huge refrigerated freezer storage container at the infamous Knuckleheads Restaurant & Bar. It is being filled with scallops. So on second glance, not all the vessels are idle at the dock. They are beginning to venture out and resume their profession.

Fisherman in New Bedford, and throughout New England are still waking before the sunrise and practicing their craft as they have for hundreds of years in this very port and elsewhere. These fishermen and woman have been historically independent, much like the cowboys of the Old West. In fact a recent FOX TV News story focused on Boat to Table in the port of Portsmouth, NH. Apparently commercial fishermen in that port are also plying their trade despite severe restrictions imposed by pandemic coronavirus, COVID-19. They are on the front line catching seafood and selling it directly to the consumer, hence, Boat to Table. This concept has mimicked the successful Farm to Table concept which has been very successful for farmers. It may not only keep the fishermen working and providing for their families, it very well could be what the future may hold in store.