Above & Beyond

Our passion is winning at Flynn|Wirkus|Young. And our above and beyond approach is how we succeed. To begin, we are more thorough than most. We know that uncovering crucial information can make the difference between winning and losing. That’s why we analyze the finest details from multiple sources and leave no stone left unturned. No matter who we represent, our underlying motivation is to win because “WE” want to win.

Once we have built our case, we apply creativity, fresh perspective, our legal experience and the latest technology – all to help present it in the most compelling, concise and clear way. We assure that our audience understands our clients’ position so they have all the information they need to make the right decision.

Along the way, we are tenacious – we will not stop until we have obtained all of the information and answers we require before and during the case. We are also extremely collaborative with our clients – constantly communicating and working together for the best outcome. And we do it all with an approachable, flexible and responsive style.

“I believe our collaborative approach helps make us successful. We listen to our clients and value their input just as much as they value ours. We are truly in this together and work in tandem for the best outcome.”

— Lori Wirkus,
Managing Partner,
Flynn Wirkus Young